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Reason for my abscence

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  • Started 5 years ago by Brigitte Gant

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  1. Brigitte Gant

    Some of you will already know why I have not been here for a while. On the 2nd of August I got a phone call from my childhood friend to inform me that my brother had died suddenly. He was five years younger than I and was supposed to see my Mum and me off and not bugger off first. It has not been easy since then. The funeral was amazing. The hall at the cemetery could not accommodate all who came. The wake was held at the sport complex where my brother and his daughter coached the junior athletic section of their sports club. I was staggered by the effort the young people put it. Mums had baked cakes, turned up to make the coffee, retailers dropped off crates with soft drink. A lot of people were away on holiday and those who had been at work attended a BBQ later on. Again more than 100 turned up. I knew my brother was totally involved in coaching young athletes, but I had not realized the extend of his social engagement in helping vulnerable and underprivileged youngsters. So many came up to us and told us how much they owed him. My mother is totally devastated and cannot see much point in life any more. I was with her again a couple of weeks ago. The visits at the cemetery were hard. I felt drained when I left. Not just because I got a lot of the housework done - cleaned windows, dusted high shelves and tops of cupboards, vacuumed into the corners - but trying to gee her up to do things again. My daughters with family are going to visit Mum in half term and I am going again 9th November. Maybe will split up the journey and stay over in Dover the night before the crossing. 410 miles in a day are getting more and more like hard work. I surprised myself at my composure when on the ferry I was asked by some old couple (well, maybe only marginally older than I) to go and sit somewhere else, because he and his wife wanted to sit next to each other. As there were plenty of free seats I told them to get a life or get special seats in the club lounge.

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