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  • Started 1 year ago by brenda midgley
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  1. Jean Strange

    Hi everyone too hot for me today plus suffering badly with hay fever. Used eye drops as well as antihistamines and still can’t see well enough to stitch!!!!!

    I am pleased Clare won too think she was the most consistent sewer in the group her only real disaster was the flapper dress loved her red carpet dress last night. Agree Matt’s was interesting and agree I didn’t think Nicole’s dress fitted that well either.

    Helen like you skirting boards were not quoted for on our conservatory. Been today and ordered some I think in UPVC no painting necessary!!! Our main contractor Garry gave Jeff details of where to get them and gave us information so that we got his discount!!!! Just over £100 including stuff to fix them. Being delivered early next week. It will really be down to decorating then.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Christine Berrett

    I didn't think Matt's dress fitted the brief of 'red carpet' (thank you Jean for confirming what I thought they said the brief was). The beautiful and elegant slinky gown Clare made, on the other hand...

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. JeannieQ

    Brenda I agree with you. Matt's dress did not fit the brief and it was much easier to fit than having to fit it to a woman, he didn't have to contend with a bust and the skirt didn't need to fit anywhere either, so he made it easy for himself. On the other hand Claire's dress would have shown up anywhere that it didn't fit but she made it fit beautifully, a well deserved winner in my opinion.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. Barbara Stone

    Brend, I think we definitely have the same mind set. I too, didn’t like !Matts dress, not only because it didn’t fill the brief, but also because you don’t really expect men to wear dresses, even if they are into the ‘gay’ and ‘drag’ scene. Yes, it also reminded me of bondage, and I’m sorry, but having a hairy chest on display under it, really turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got several very good friends who are gay, and having spoken to a couple of them, they wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing that dress. Even one of my surgeons (married with grown up children) who is a cross dresser and has won competitions for it, phoned me and said no way!!
    I loved Clare’s expression when Joe L said who had won. She obviously wasn’t expecting to win, even though she has been the most consistent sewer in the group. I’d love to be able to wear that kind of dress, but to do so I’d have to gain about 6 inches in height, and lose about three stone.
    It’s gone awfully black outside and it’s so humid, so I’m expecting thunderstorms very soon.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. Oh Barbara, - have you had me 'rocking in the aisles' here.....You say quite seriously that one of your surgeons, married with grown up children, is a cross dresser - and I really wasn't expecting to read that...... oh dear, am I wicked? - it did make me laugh......

    Sorry - not laughing at him...but laughing at the deadpan way you wrote of him......

    Yes, really sticky warm here too. We were told by our local t.v. weatherman last night that we'd be having rain on and off for the next 3 days, then a dry day - so I was out in the garden this morning at quarter to nine charging back and forth mowing the back lawn. It did get a bit spotty with rain but then the sun came out and it's been hot again since then.

    Looking forward now to the 7th July - the hairdresser's been on the 'phone with an appointment for me. Yaaay! - in this weather the last thing any of us want is to feel our hair sticking round the back of our neck. Mine's usually quite short so although it has obvously grown over the last couple of months it still isn't long enough to pull it all together and yank it up into a pony tail or something - it is literally at the length to stick all round my neck and is starting to drive me nuts in this heat....probably psychological too as I now know there's an end in sight and the 7th can't come quick enough!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  6. Well it seems we are all agreed on the Sewing Bee. Talking of expressions did you see Clare's mum - it mirrored Clare's.
    Brenda, I know exactly what you're saying about the LGBT thing. A person is a person & we shouldn't have their sexuality pushed / thrown at us all the time, after all we don't go round telling people we're married to men all the time - that's all I'm saying on the subject.

    On to the garden - we had a thunderstorm yesterday teatime (had just got back from taking the bike for her MOT). It made all the little froglets jump out of the pond & hop all over the garden. Today is much cooler & rainy - supposed to stay that way all weekend. When we got back yesterday the girl next door (she's 17 & been working really hard on the garden) said that her & her dad had finally got to the bottom end of the garden only to find that the hedgehog I saw a few weeks ago is a girl with 3 babies - not too surprised as that end of their garden hasn't been touched for a long time. Barbara did your Mrs Pale Bum have babies?

    Right, as it's cool I'm going to turn some lights on & stitch

    Posted 1 year ago #
  7. With the enormous amount of posts we've given to our 'Sewing Bee' tag over the last however many weeks - I tend to agree with Helen - we've now said all we need to say about the programme and its outcome. I do want to add just one more thing though - you reminded me Helen because you mention Clare's mum....... I can't remember having seen her before this final week of the programme, but her face - just something about it made me smile - she seemed as if she had her mouth open in amazement every time the camera focused on her....I thought she looked such a nice lady, and looked as if she couldn't believe her daughter was in the final three - and then to have ended up actually being the winner, she looked even more gobsmacked than before. She was a hoot of a lady I thought and wished we could have seen her involved in the programe a bit more........

    We've not had any thunderstorms but some rain - enough to top up the water butts again anyway which is good.

    On the subject of hedgehogs - a friend of mine who lives in Kent was saying the other week (we had one of these zooming sessions going on) that she and her husband have never had a hedgehog in their garden. Again Helen, and I know Barbara will agree with this too, you've hit the nail right on the head when you mention the end of your neighbours garden hasn't been touched for a long time. I said more or less the same thing to my friend......she and her husband are totally committed gardeners and there isn't a blade of grass or leaf allowed to be out of place....and I said to her that they need to allow an area of it to grow undisturbed and left to nature, then they might get lucky. She sort of shuddered as I watched her on camera as if to say 'oh - couldn't do that' ......what a pity though......

    Right - now - when we've all read and written all we want to say on this string of entries for 'Sewing Bee' - shall we kick off with a new subject?

    Helen - let's nominate you as head girl for the next String - as the one to start it off - call it anything you like...just so's we all know where we are to carry on from, as we tuck Sewing Bee away .......

    I think we've done ourselves proud with this current run - 8 pages!! I think Andrea should give us all a toffee .........

    Posted 1 year ago #
  8. Christine Berrett

    OK, I'm bringing this thread to an end now and starting a New Thread - see if you can find it {wink}

    Posted 1 year ago #

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