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  1. Hi All
    We're back from our little jaunt. We spent the weekend in a field in a place called Wylam (birthplace of Stephenson) near Newcastle & then went to Bamburgh.
    My tent comes with the tiniest little tear drop caravan (a bedroom on wheels) so we don't have to sleep on the ground or be too cold at night. We had rain on Friday night, but it didn't start until we were going to bed. Sunday we went to Bamburgh and stayed in a static caravan on a proper site. The weather was not good on Monday, but it didn't matter as we were inside.
    The Northumberland coastline is stunning - we could see Holy Island from the campsite. I didn't do any knitting or stitching, but spent some time reading - don't do that much these days.
    Now we are back & the weather is not too brilliant. The washing is in & I'm catching up on myself.

    Glad those of you who've been away have had good breaks.

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  2. Jean Strange

    Morning everyone

    Barbara I quite agree about blood tests. My telephone consultations with Kings require blood tests but my consultant wrote to my GP requesting that he arrange them and email the results! Fortunately blood tests are one of the things my surgery is continuing to provide. Only problem being you need to book about 2 weeks ahead and be prepared to attend at any of the 3 surgeries they have. I have an appointment at the extended hours surgery (a different one again) on Saturday for mine.

    Getting ready for week in North Devon so looking forward to seeing my daughter and family haven’t seen them since last October!! My daughter has booked for things she wants to take the boys to which we aren’t particularly interested in or as in the case of a set of caves don’t think I will manage. Still not that good on rough ground and definitely not going up and down any flimsy ladders which I suppose there might be. Jeff says he might go fishing on one of those days so that will mean a whole day in the lodge by myself stitching and knitting here I come!!!!!

    Might go on a railway journey think it is a narrow gauge can’t exactly remember just saw a fleeting glimpse on email sent to Jeff but that is no booking so will see what we feel like and what the weather is doing. Boys want to go rock pooling etc with Grandad.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  3. Barbara Stone

    Helen, I'm so glad you had a nice time on your little jaunt. I think I know the campsite you stay on, if its the one with static caravans, and I agree, the view from there is quite stunning. Holy Island is great, but if you are going there, don't go on a Wednesday afternoon, cos everything closes, and there is nothing to do!!
    Our GP's aren't even offering a phlebotomy service, so goodness knows how I'm going to get blood taken. Good luck with your holiday Jean, and hope you have a great time. However, I don't think that you will be going on a railway even if it is narrow gauge, as no heritage railway is working at the moment. We can't separate our passengers enough to keep them far enough apart, and make any money, so we're not even thinking about running until next year. If one is running, good luck to them.
    I've started knitting a waistcoat for my mother - we bought her the wool a couple of years ago, and she never even started it, so guess who's been given it. However, its so complicated, I've unpicked it twice, and I'm now on the third attempt. Hopefully this will be the one that gets to the finish.

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  4. Hello girls,

    Tuesday afternoon here (well, I guess it is wherever you are actually.....) Really windy outside and was trying to rain this morning.....not a very nice day all in all.

    Glad to see Helen has enjoyed her little break - and Jean is looking forward to hers (especially the day knitting and stitching while everybody else jiggers off doing other stuff).

    Pity about the North West, Lancashire and West Yorkshire having to go backwards a bit into lockdown......feels like this bloody virus is taking charge of our lives again. Geoff was planning to go to London for the day this coming Thursday to meet up with some chums, but Sadiq Khan is mumbling about rising numbers of infections in London now, so his little trip now might come to nothing. Shame as I was seeing myself with a day at home playing with whatever came to hand in the stitching line.......

    Picking up my new glasses this coming Sunday. Hope they will be all right as the optician and I had fun sorting out the assessment of my eyes. I was wearing a mask but it was making my face so hot I kept steaming up the lens in those funny plastic goggle things they put on your nose when trying out the different lens that slot in the top bit. Even the ones that they twirl about like a lolly on a stick as you close one eye and then the other steamed up as well. In the end she told me to pull the mask down below my nose - but still no joy, so finally the mask came off altogether. You can probably understand then my feelings of disquietness about whether the glasses will be okay - I've got my fingers crossed that I've not spent money on something that will not give me better vision...will have to see what happens on Sunday about that if they are not satisfactory....

    I'm in long sleeves again today. Why is the temperature going up and down like a yoyo - I'm getting that I never know what to put on in the morning. One day I'm short sleeved and end up with goosebumps and the next I'm long sleeved and nearly passing out with heat.

    The funny thing about this variance in temperatures though is what I saw as I came away from the library earlier on. I was walking back to the car down a side alley with a high brick wall and leaning against it was a Magnolia - in almost full flower....flower!! this time of the year. Soulangeana type. Big bright pink almost tulip cum cup size shape flowers and with its leaves full out. Anyone who knows this bush will instantly recognise it usually comes out - flowers first - round about March time and then the flowers die off and only then do the leaves start appearing. This poor item obviously doesn't know whether it's coming or going......

    In the meantime - good luck with the pattern of the waistcoat you all know me... champion knitter (not) you know where to come if you need help with it..... avoid Crewe and go straight up to our litle chick in Yorkshire......

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. Barbara Stone

    Thank you for that Mrs. M. The pattern is not too complicated, but I was getting one or two rows wrong, which really showed up. I'd got to get it right, so basically I unpicked it a total of 6 times, before I managed to get the first pattern right. I've now got stitch markers, which is making it a lot easier to do, so hopefully, I've cracked it now, and I'll get it completed. Its Alpaca wool, which is quite nice to knit with.
    So, Mum's move has gone ahead, so no more trips to London, no more trips round the M25, which is something to appreciate.
    Having read of your problems with the optometrist, I'm hoping that my visit tomorrow is going to be easier. I'll let you know what happens!
    Its actually raining here at the moment, and the wind today has been awful. My poor tomato plants got blown over again, so we've had to tie them to one of our benches, to keep them upright. Hopefully the weather tomorrow is going to improve.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  6. Jean Strange

    Morning all
    Been very misty last couple of mornings here but sun burning it off nicely. Family gone for a day at the beach. I’ve not gone as no shade and I can’t sit in the sun. We are relaxing and doing a bit of packing ready to leave tomorrow.

    Barbara there are steam railways open here but the one we wanted to go on with good views would have been up in the mist when we wanted to go so went to Lynton and Lynmouth and did the vernacular railway instead. Judith and I got our cream tea although it was for lunch the boys shared a cream tea too.

    Going for a carvery meal tonight. Have to leave tomorrow by 10.

    Home on Tuesday blinds fitted in conservatory on Wednesday just in time for the grotty weather!! Never mind ready for next lot of good weather.

    Posted 4 days ago #
  7. Barbara Stone

    Hi all, after a scorching day yesterday, its a bit overcast here today, and they are forcasting thunderstorms tonight. Something to look forward to, and I might not have to water everything tonight.
    Went to the optometrist on Thursday - no problem with the exam - she's gone computerised, so doesn't have to change lenses in the glasses, you don't even wear glasses for the exam, just peer into a device that comes down and sits nicely where your own glasses should sit. All very good, all socially distanced, no problems, pick up the new ones in about 10 days time.!
    Loads of Gladioli plants in flower in the garden, unfortunately they keep falling over, so will have to stake them up.
    Glad you've had a nice time Jean, but I'd love to know which railway it was that was open, so we can contact them, and see how they've managed to achieve social distancing on trains. We can't do that, so we're not running at the moment, but we did have a heritage weekend last weekend, didn't allow anybody on the platform not wearing a mask, nobody objected, and everybody enjoyed themselves. Even made some money out of it, so that might keep us afloat for a little bit longer. Enjoy the carvery tonight.

    Posted 4 days ago #
  8. Morning all
    You must all be thinking I've vanished off the face of the earth.
    I've just realised I seem to have lost a week & am rapidly losing August.
    It's been a busy one.
    Went to my office in Teeside on Tuesday.
    My brother & niece came to visit on Thursday for a few days. Decided to stay with us rather than Mum & Dad with Dad being in the shielding group.
    Went to visit the people I contract for on Friday & spent the day in a lovely air conditioned room. When I cam out the temperature felt about 20 degrees hotter.
    Had a lazy day on Saturday & finished the stitching for another room in the mouse house - just needs to be ironed & fitted in to the house.
    Sunday we took the bike for a run to Market Rasen, Lincolnshire to see some of our bike friends. An overcast day with sensible temperatures
    Now the sun is shining & it's back to work (at home)

    Jean I hope you had a good holiday with the family.

    Brenda I like you calling me a chick, but I'm not that good at knitting. I always shout for my mum when I get stuck.

    Better do some work now

    Posted 3 days ago #
  9. Hello girls,

    Tuesday.....where are these weeks going to I just don't know. My usual day for being at the RSPCA but they still won't have me back yet. It's nothing personal - just no over 70's allowed, so there are a few of us kicking our heels at home waiting for 'the call'.

    I don't doubt Helen that you are actually a very good knitter so don't be so bashful. We all have talents (although I'm still looking for mine; they must be out there somewhere...) and as for being my little chick - of course you are, and a very much loved little chick. Mrs. Stone for instance has long been my little blonde bombshell and I tease her mercilessly about being 4ft. 10. She reminds me periodically that actually there are a couple of more inches on top of that - but - she's my little blonde bombshell and that's that.....

    Glad to hear Barbara that your visit to the opticians went well. Yes, it sounds as if yours have got more up to date equipment than mine; but anyway, when I picked up my glasses on Sunday they were thankfully okay despite the constant smearing of the lens during the examination. She also told me that my cataracts have come on a bit since last year so I'm guessing that when I go next year for examining I might be told that surgical intervention will then be the order of the day......anyway, we'll have to wait and see.

    Had a lovely surprise 'visitor' into the conservatory yesterday afternoon...a Tiger Moth. I'd just walked through and saw this amazing thing fluttering all over the windows trying to get out.......Never ceases me to stop wondering how, with all the space there is outside, these flying, or buzzing, or flapping things manage to find a two inch gap in window space in which to enter..... Anyway I stood watching this brightly coloured orange-y thing fluttering about all over the place - thinking to myself 'Oh what a beautiful butterfly - what on earth is it' but then it stopped and just sat on the glass, going into the classic delta-wing shape of a moth. I went up close to it to take note of its 'configuration'...yellow, orange and brown stripes in very striking slashes of colour with orange underwings with a dark dot on. Right - that memorised, I then went and got a jam jar from the kitchen and put my fluttering friend back outside. I went and got out my Girl's Guide to Butterflies and Moths and looked it up. I found there were a few with this kind of marbled colouring - just collectively called Tiger Moths, but this particular one most fitted the description of Wood Tiger. The book says it flies in north and central Europe and mostly northern and western Britain. So there you go. Nothing outlandishly special, but certainly not something I've ever seen before. What a lovely little treat I had!!

    Right - i'm off to make inroads into the day job. The washing machine's just finished throwing things around so I'm now going outside to peg it on the line....'I may be sometime' as Captain Oates so famously once said (once I get in the garden I can't seem to stop myself from pottering) - but as for Captain Oates - Geoff has a cousin who lived for a number of years in the house in which Captain Oates lived. There is a staircase in that house which halfway up has a window done as a picture of stained glass dedicated to his memory. Very moving to see it actually.

    Posted 2 days ago #
  10. What an interesting fact about Captain Oates

    I had a Red Admiral butterfly decided to come in for lunch yesterday. Mick had to guide it back out as I can't stand things that fly round my head. I have to deal with the spiders (don't like them, but have to do it as someone else won't !!)

    It's very steamy in the North East today - I've escaped & gone to work
    Thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow

    Posted 2 days ago #
  11. Oh Helen - yes - himself in our house isn't mad keen about spiders either and usually tells me if he's found one upstairs or something, so's I can deal with it.... I don't know why he thinks I'm braver than him when dealing with them 'cos I'm not, but once he's told me I have to do something about it. The jam jar I used yesterday to shift the Tiger Moth is the same old jam jar I've been using for years to remove pests from the house.....(sometimes think it's a shame I can't squeeze Geoff in it and put him outside as well.......)

    Red Admiral butterflies are particularly lovely to look at and can never be mistaken for anything else really as they are so 'identifiable' I've got a tablecloth downstairs on one of these little circular tables that became very popular a few years ago and in each corner I've crossstitched a Red Admiral. The little chart I've got for it is something I've had for years and I've stitched it many a time because it's such an attractive butterfly. The tablecloth itself is something I picked up at one of the stitching shows many moons ago - manufactured in such a way to have areas to stitch on, and with the hem being ready-finished - you probably know the sort of thing I mean.

    It's become hotter and hotter this afternoon and I feel like a limp lettuce ........

    Posted 2 days ago #
  12. Bless you Brenda, I always tell Mick his only saving grace is that I can't get my hands round his neck - he definitely wouldn't fit in your jam jar.

    I know what you mean about limp lettuce my feet and ankles got terribly swollen yesterday with the heat - even my little strappy sandles were tight on my feet driving home last night.

    Apparently we've had a huge downpour this morning that I've slept through !! It doesn't feel to have cooled things down though

    Yes I remember the linen that you used to get with the patches left for stitching on

    Posted 1 day ago #
  13. Well we haven't had any thunderstorms or rain but it is much cooler today
    I can actually think to work

    Posted 14 hours ago #
  14. Christine Berrett

    A little cooler and fresher here in Cheshire. Heavy rain and thunderstorms at bedtime the last couple of nights - very spectacular!

    Posted 13 hours ago #
  15. Barbara Stone

    Good afternoon everybody. Shall I make you all jealous and tell you that it’s raining here? Lovely big drops of water dripping all over the plsce - lovely really, but it’s still very hot. I’ve got lots of things to be getting on with, but I can’t be bothered because it’s too hot to do much. The knitting has come to a complete stop - the idea of using wool in this heat is not appealing! Managed to sort out the pattern now, so I’ll be able to get on with it, when the thermometer registers a lower temp.
    We are quite lucky that we get quite a few different butterflies in the garden, they would congregate on the Buddlea bush, but as it didn’t grow much this year, don’t know why, we thought we wouldn’t get that many, but they’ve been as numerous as ever. And I deliberately leave a small patch of stinging nettles in the garden, cos that’s where Red Admirals lay their eggs, and as habitat is disappearing rapidly, I want to leave some for them.
    I absolutely abhor spiders, won’t get too near them and normally leave them to the other half to deal with, but recently he’s been unable to move too much, so I’ve invested in a long reach spider retriever, which has a battery operated sucker in it, and then when a spider is in there, I tip it out of a window. Best fiver I ever spent.

    Posted 11 hours ago #
  16. JeannieQ

    Hello Ladies. I've been out of contact for a while due to the thunderstorms here in Cheshire, Hartford was badly hit by lightning and we have had no internet for a few days in the entire village. Thankfully BT have been hard at work (even in this heat) and have reconnected us this afternoon.
    I must admit the heat is getting to me and I haven't done much hand stitching as my hands are too hot and sticky but I have been making myself the odd cotton dress and blouse to wear to keep cool - they are so much cooler than T shirts. Hopefully the weather will get slightly cooler towards the weekend. My 'Met Officer' that I live with tells me we are in the middle of a flabby front - a high pressure between two lows that is stuck and that's why the thunderstorms aren't clearing the air - Good to know!! :)
    The fruit is ripening fast in this heat and the damsons and plums need picking but I can't bear the thought of standing over the cooker making jam - maybe after the weekend.
    Living out in the countryside I'm afraid we have to just get used to living with spiders, they come in with the logs for the fire. I gave up trying to evict them, trying to train the cats to catch them - not much luck there!!

    Posted 10 hours ago #
  17. Jean Strange

    Afternoon all

    Thunder rumbled around a bit last night and a few drops of rain. Thunder again now and raining feels fresher and cooler this afternoon.

    Barbara the railway that Judith found on the internet which is open and offering a round trip is The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. The other railway we saw advertised I can’t remember the name of and can’t find it on the internet. The Lynton and Lynmouth vernacular railway were having families or groups who were together on the front and back platforms and every other seat inside. This gave a 1 metre social distancing but masks had to be worn.

    Having a quiet time after hectic week with the family. Blinds in conservatory being fitted tomorrow will then be in real use as without the blinds it gets very hot and at times in the afternoon the sun is at an angle that shines right in our eyes!!!

    Don’t have too much problem with spiders at the moment it is flies!! They seem to be arriving in swarms have invested in one of those electronic fly things that glow blue. It seems to be keeping them at bay at present.

    We have had a few butterflies in our garden this year including some I haven’t seen before. The usual Cabbage White and Red Admiral and a small very pretty blue one which I haven’t identified yet. Lots of moths too they haven’t stayed still long enough for me to identify!

    As Brenda said don’t know how they find small gap to enter but they never seem to be able to find the way out even if the doors are open!!!

    Posted 10 hours ago #
  18. Barbara Stone

    Thanks for the info about the trains Jean. We are wondering if we can re-open shortly, so there is lots of chat about how we are going to do it.
    The blue butterfly you’ve seen is probably a Holly Blue. We get them in the garden, and they are very pretty. Moths are a bit more of a problem to identify, but I don’t think I’ll be letting Bob set up a moth trap just yet.
    It sounds as if you had a good time while you are awy, and I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourselves. Good luck with the blind fitting.

    Posted 7 hours ago #

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