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  1. Crumbs - just catching up with the posts - and have read Barbara's report of someone who said they wiped their peaches over with bleach....I think I'd be more frightened of the damage I could do myself with that than the virus!!

    1st September today - yippee - we get a Guild magazine sometime this month then so that's good. On the downside, however, is when all the spiders in Crewe start making their way to our house. Wretched things - I hate them - they move so swiftly when you try to jam-jar them and put them outside. How do they know it's the 1st September, they obviously have the same ability as dogs and cats with an instinct for time of day and what have you......

    Been into Nantwich this morning. Changed my library books - just finished last night the last one of the previous selection. I had to have a word with one of the assistants as the printed receipt I always make sure I keep was showing that I returned 6 books but that I have 13 or something in hand. This came about by the first time I went in after they re-opened. We had to use our library card in a sort of contactless way and I made a mess of it and did it twice so it looked as if I had double the amount of books. Everything had to be returned by today (for everyone this is, they put a long extension return date on all books leaving the library just before lockdown) so I wanted to ensure that I won't be given a huge bill for books I don't have.....Anyway she was very good and said the records will all get wiped as books come back in and get checked back out of the quarantine bins. At the moment when we hand books back they get chucked in a wheelie bin and left for a fortnight in isolation..... tickles my sense of humour to think of all these books saying 'let me out, don't like it in here, it's too dark'..... (yes, I know, you could worry about me couldn't you.....)

    We then went round to the market as Geoff wanted a new battery for his watch......."Will be 20 minutes" said the helpful young man, so off we trotted to the cafe in the indoor market and had a cup of tea and bacon butty........luvly jubbly as Del Boy would say.....

    So I now don't have to bother jiggering around making lunch.....I have a bag full of books to get stuck into.......I'm stitching away on the band sampler - at an interesting bit..... and I'm sewing up a little patchwork item. The sun is shining so God's in His heaven and all's right with the world.......

    Bugger the virus, I'm going to have a nice afternoon.....

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  2. Brenda which band sampler are you stitching?

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