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  • Started 1 year ago by Helen Hawkins-Ainsley
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  1. Just to let you all know the dates for next year are on the CSG web site
    I've booked for all 3 !!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Christine Berrett

    Me too!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. Andrea said you had beaten me to it.
    Just hope she doesn't have to cancel them again next year

    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. Barbara Stone

    Well, having been told by Andrea last week, that as soon as the newsletter appeared giving dates I could book, there I was waiting, and didn’t realise the dates had been put on the web site, so I haven’t booked anything yet! Wait until tomorrow morning, and I’ll be booking Swindon and Leicester for myself and Mary. If we have to cancel, then so be it, but let’s bope that things will be okay.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. The dates went on the website lunchtime (ish) on Tuesday.
    I just happened to click on the events page & found them
    Get booking Barbara, then we have something to look forward to next year

    Posted 1 year ago #
  6. Barbara Stone

    Okay, I’ve booked! At least I will have something I can look forward to for next year.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  7. Hello girls,

    Thought I'd come on to the forum while there's a chap downstairs fiddling with the boiler - Houston, we have a problem.......!

    In response Helen to your query on the previous post - the band sampler - I'm currently working on a section covering the virus. I've done some of the usual backstitch wording and then wanted to stitch a virus - the sort of thing we keep seeing pictures of on the t.v. Didn't have a chart but thought it would be easy enough to do 'blind'. It's not been too bad, although trying to form a circle in cross stitch of course, as we all know doesn't lend itself to look a good circle. Anyway, it's done now but stupid me did it in a green circle and red blobs - so it would at least look colourful. Never gave it a thought until it was finished that actually it now looks more like a Christmas bauble than a flipping virus. Oh well, it'll have to stay like it now.......

    Going on to events next year, I too have now booked for Swindon and Leicester. Came off the phone after having talked and paid the deposit to Andrea and suddenly had a moment of sheer joy go through me. As Barbara highlights - we now have something we can look forward to for next year. Yay!!.......

    Am going to set the recorder later on for a programme on BBC4 at 7.00 p.m. They are doing one of these special jobs - like Slow t.v. - but on Mindfulness (yes, I know it's a buzzword thing at the moment as they keep banging on to us about mental health) but it does sound rather nice, something about a cheetah in its natural habitat and then another item about a bluebell wood. Apparently whilst these things are showing on the screen we are being encouraged into breathing sessions or something. I thought it sounds a bit like the relaxation techniques my wonderful yoga teacher used to take us through at the end of an evening's workout. She used to walk us through a bluebell wood - barefoot so's we could feel the damp lusciousness of vegetation beneath the soles of our feet and breathing in and out in measured counting so's we could smell the fragrance of the bluebells. I loved all that and could drift into a semi-conscious state very easily - almost asleep but still aware of all around you - like being on a cloud and drifting. Our Barbara, teacher, was simply brilliant. Sadly she retired some years ago and I've never found a yoga teacher since with her skills. I can though still use her techniques and hear her voice in my head when I feel the need of some inner peace. They came in jolly useful last Thursday afternoon when I was flat on my back at the dentist!! firstly with Jayne who was scraping about like a bloody sumo wrestler doing the hygiene and cleaning bit, and then Dr. Rees who scraped and poked about trying to find something that needed doing which would line his pockets with my brass !! (He didn't succeed.....)

    Posted 1 year ago #
  8. Hi all

    Brenda, I thought it must be that sampler you were working on. How many rolls of it do you have now? You will have to being the latest one to Swindon next year.

    Believe or not I have had to buy my 2021 diary as I now have quite a lot of events to put in it - mostly postponed from this year.

    I am really hoping that Leicester can go ahead this year.

    Anyway, now that we've had a new carpet fitted the extension feels part of the living room. I am waiting for my chair to arrive. We were measured for blinds last wee & they come at the end of the month. The it's just the units that I've been waiting months for. Mick decided that my display coffee table will fit well in the extension so that is where it is going. He has bought me a new smaller one for the living room end. I now have 2 tables to fill with stitching treasures - yippee !! When it is all done I'll put some photos on the facebook site

    Posted 1 year ago #
  9. Hello little chick.....Wonderful to know you have a 2021 diary filling up with events. After the nuisance and cancellations this year has caused we really all need to cling on to the nice things that are planned for next year.

    Good to hear the extension/conservatory is coming along so well. Such a thrill when a 'plan' all starts coming together.

    I'm off now to our conservatory - got some stitching (again on the band sampler)lined up to do. Still about the virus - but I'm recording about how the Queen was bumped off to Windsor Castle to keep her safe, Charley boy being up at Balmoral recuperating and Boris on his ventilator..... I then want to extend it into wording along the lines of the work we've done in our garden during this time so's I can set up a corresponding motif section of a garden scene of flowers 'n' stuff.....that'll keep me quiet for a bit (oh....I can almost hear Geoff shouting 'Hooray - she's going to be quiet......)

    Posted 1 year ago #
  10. You really must bring it to the first weekend you come to. I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  11. Jean Strange

    Booked for Swindon Jeff coming with me. Fiona booked too her husband Michael accompanying her. Hopefully it will go ahead next year. I cancelled this year before Boris and lockdown because of my transplant operation. So definitely looking forward to next year!!!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  12. Barbara Stone

    Do you think Leicester will go ahead this year? I’m not affected, because I wasn’t going anyway, but I feel so sorry for those of us who booked, paid all their money, and now after hearing the government saying that gatherings of more than 6 are prohibited, I have this nasty feeling that poor Andrea is going to be sending money back to people again.
    On another tack, we spent three nights on a campsite in Dorset, and it was interesting to see how the older people camping were very wary of going near other people, but the younger ones - 20s and 30s were congregating in large groups as if there was nothing to worry about. Kept well away from them I can tell you! Had glorious weather too, made my ‘holiday’ this year, very enjoyable.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  13. Jean Strange

    I wasn’t booked for Leicester either but it looks doubtful doesn’t it? Andrea was a bit doubtful when I spoke to her yesterday to book for Swindon next year.

    Our camp site is more than 50% season pitches which tends to be older people or people with children. Haven’t really seen any large groups there except larger family groups. The owners have taken the decision not to open their tent field and will only take pre booked people for the few “casual” pitches. Thinking of going again next week for a few days. Want to go for last weekend of month. If allowed to meet Jeff wants to go clay pidgin shooting at a club he joined last year.

    We have been able to socially distance catch up with friends there. One friend from The Wirral heard they might be going into lockdown so said he was going to stay in his caravan if that was true. He has his own business with one partner and can work from there as long as he has internet access.

    Let’s hope things improve again before long but Christmas is looking doubtful for larger family groups or groups of friends. Things are looking not so good again. Think we were all looking forward to getting back to something like normal. Oh well fingers crossed let’s hope!!!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  14. Hi all

    A lovely sunny morning. I shame my stitching chair hasn't arrived yet or yesterday would have been perfect to sit in the conservatory & knit.

    Boris is trying to stop the students from having parties when they go to uni. Most things can still go ahead - pubs, community centres, dance schools, etc can still go ahead so long as the track & trace & social distancing is observed - I think Leicester could go ahead, Andrea said the hotel was having problems with us eating together in the restaurant. We'll just have to see what happens but I really hope she doesn't have to cancel.

    My new bookcases are finally arriving today. The new coffee table came on Saturday & it so much smaller than the other one - just as well I have fewer treasures than stitched pieces to display.

    Went to see the baby nursery last week - it is still 3 months until she is due & everything has been bought & put in place already!!

    Hope you all have a good week

    Posted 1 year ago #
  15. Hello girls,
    Just catching up with what you've all been saying in my absence. Not that I've been anywhere but with the sun deciding to show its face again I've been busying around in the garden...

    Was chuffed for all Leicester people to see what you've had to say Helen.... If Andrea was telling you the hotel was having problems with you eating together in the restaurant - to my mind, that sounds quite positive. If they thought it was going to be dodgy they would've said 'no - cancel' straightaway I should imagine. But - if they are 'having problems' it does at least sound as if they are looking at the situation in trying to solve those problems, so they might just come up with a result !! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all anyway.

    I hear our magazines are now winging their way towards us. Mine's not arrived yet but it's something to look forward to.

    Had one of those toe-curling moments of delight this morning. I'd scrubbed out the bird bath yesterday 'cos the water quickly goes grotty on warmer days - so many birds go in and out of it. So - this morning it was still nice and fresh from yesterday. It's one of those common types of bird bath - concrete type statue of a cherub with his hands up holding a sea-shell shape to put the water in. Right - so there was I washing up breakfast pots and I happened to look up out of the window......there were two wood pigeons - one with in the bowl having a good flap about dunking his head to wash his 'hair', spreading and lifting his wings as if washing under his arms - honest it was so funny......the other sat on the edge and was bobbing up and down, his head jerking about, just as if he was saying to his mate 'Come on hurry up, it's my turn'. Anyway WP1 decided to get out once everything had had a good slosh, and then WP2 jumped in and had his turn. I was in tucks. I went into the garden a bit later on and had a look at the water - yuk, so out had to come the brush and watering can again and another scrub out had to be done.

    (For anyone who is worried about such things - this particular watering can is used only for plain water) so as they say on the telly 'no creatures were harmed in the taking of this bath' !!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  16. Brenda, I know just what you mean about the birds. We have a small pond they use for washing. We find the different breeds each have their own time of day for washing. When the starlings were fledging the parents brought the little ones to show them where to pond was & then left them to play while they went to get food - quite funny to watch

    I was speaking to Andrea before Boris made his announcement so we still have to wait & see what the hotel wants to do.

    Anyway, on a brighter note my bookcases have arrived & are now where they need to be & look really quite good. Just need the chair now.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  17. Morning Ladies
    Well we managed to get away up to Whitley Bay at the weekend despite the bike event having to be cancelled.
    We are going down to Skegness this weekend.

    Such a shame to get home to an email saying Leicester is cancelled - quite understandable under the circumstances - roll on next year & hopefully a return to normality.

    Still waiting for my chair - they are supposed to be sending a replacement for the one that should have been here on the 7th.

    I've not got the rest of the week off - going to sort out stuff for the charity shop & for ebay

    Have to do some sorting before I can sit & knit / sew !!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  18. Oh - what a shame Helen that your bike event has been cancelled as well as Leicester. It feels a bit like we are never going to climb out of this big empty hole the virus has left us in.....

    I was one of those who'd booked for Ally Pally but as you know that has now been cancelled too and I just hope now that we are not going to have to go into a total lockdown situation again.

    I find I'm getting confused with all they are telling us about 'numbers' in the news. Okay - so the rate of infections is increasing, but surely it has to be borne in mind that testing of the masses has correspondingly increased - to my mind the one correlates to the other, so I don't find it too alarming to be honest.

    I think I shall just keep my head down and carry on as I have been ...... Thank God for stitching !!

    You do seem to be getting messed about with your chair Helen - it's about time they pulled their finger out. Hope you are not kept waiting too much longer.

    Suddenly gone all grey and unlovely here. They've told us on local t.v. news that the temperature is going to drop quite sharply, so it could be this is the start of it I suppose. I'm off into the garden now as I'm trying to do a bit of tidying up of stuff that has gone 'over' now autumn is kicking in.

    Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would have had all this in front of us. Good job we never know what's round the corner......

    Just hope they don't close all the hairdressers again....... It'll be interesting to see what Boris has to say in his address to the nation - er - whenever it is - some time today....... As a little funny aside though......I found a lovely little picture of girlfriend Carrie with baby Wilfrid the other day. You could only see the back of the baby's head, but oh dear me it made me laugh....tiny though the child is he had hair just like his dad's.....had me in tucks.....

    Posted 1 year ago #
  19. It's horrible & wet here today

    We are going to Skegness at the weekend, but as the bike event part of the weekend is cancelled we can always take the car if the weather is going to be bad.

    I think what Boris was trying to say last night was that we can carry on but we cannot meet up inside of homes, can only stay out until 10pm & no indoor team sports are allowed.
    I am supposed to go to my office next Tuesday so need to find out if I've been barred again.

    Brenda, you're right the more people we test the more case we will find. What they need to do is tell us how many people are being admitted to hospital each day / week with it & how many of them are on ventilators - that will give a true indication of how bad it is getting

    Posted 1 year ago #
  20. Jean Strange

    Afternoon everyone

    I just hope we don’t go into lockdown again. I don’t want to go into what felt like house arrest again!!!!

    Our local news has reported that The Newbury Show, one of the big county shows has already cancelled next year’s event I hope this isn’t going to start a trend!!!!

    It just seems like people aren’t doing what is advised or told. I am having a couple of bad days with my diabetes sugar levels. Hope I can get this sorted. Phoned Kings and said haven’t had any contact for 12 weeks have an appointment tomorrow afternoon but not entitled to transport anymore so Jeff will drive and we will try to find a parking spot!!!

    Weather not good today have had a man sorting out pigeons under solar panels.

    Posted 1 year ago #

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