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Waking Us All Up!!

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  • Started 3 months ago by brenda midgley
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  1. Hello Everyone,
    Brenda calling, Brenda calling.....

    We all seem to have gone into a summer doze and no-one's reporting nothing (what incredible grammar) come on you English teachers out there - what is wrong with that sentence?

    I see Andrea's reported Jane was on Sewing Street yesterday morning. I shall catch it on Youtube later on as we can't get channel 72 in Crewe. Well - that's not strictly true at the moment. We often have to do a channel update job on our t.v. and recorder so every time that happens I eagerly try channel 72 to see if by some miracle Sewing Street then becomes available to us. This last time I updated and then tried 72 and lo and behold it picks up something! Sadly not Sewing Street though - it's a channel called Health and Beauty or some such name - with not a gold needle in sight..... Ah well, thank goodness for Youtube then.

    Bit grey here today but no wind, so it will be pretty nice for pottering in the garden actually. I need to do some sweeping up from the previous - what? - week? - of windy days - there are bits from the conifers, flower petals and all sorts of rubbish lying about which needs collecting up and disposing of. (Now there you English teachers - something wrong with that sentence too - first one to get it right wins a toffee.......)

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  2. Hi Brenda
    I'm still here & not critising your English.
    This is my one weekend at home this month - things have been stupid crazy.
    Started the month with a bike weekend & went to a family wedding last weekend - good to see people we've not seen for ages. Monday we are going to Norfolk for the weekend & the bank holiday is being spend in Newark - both with the bikes again - making the most of the few camping weekends we have this year & seeing our biking friends again.
    5th Sept we set off to Poole to sail to Jersey for a week - as long as they are accepting visitors from England.
    When we get back I'm taking Mick to see his beloved Liverpool & then we have 2 more bike weekends - one in September & one in October.
    Then we might be able to draw breath before Christmas.

    On top of all that my IT colleague left the company we work for yesterday so I've been trying to find out all what he does & gained an apprentice to look after!!

    I'm now off to book some train tickets to Liverpool & then sit down to watch Jane & stitch

    Posted 3 months ago #
  3. Jean Strange

    Hi Brenda and everyone

    Just back from a week in North Devon with daughter and family with two small boys in tow! They are staying with us until 26th of August when Judith comes to collect them. It’s going to be an exhausting few days!! Jeff took them out yesterday to local shops on bikes we have for them here (got from friends at our caravan site whose children had got too big for them). Then yesterday afternoon I made a cake with them to take to Jeff’s Mum today as we are going visiting for her to see her great grandsons.

    When they go home on Thursday 26th we go straight to the caravan as we have tickets for the theatre in Christchurch. Originally had tickets for a Christmas Spectacular which obviously got cancelled due to the dreaded Covid. The touring company are now doing a Summer Spectacular and we were offered the chance to carry our booking over to this. It will be so nice to do something “normal” again.

    Now Brenda I didn’t take English as my main subject for teaching but as to first sentence as I remember being told on several occasions if you haven’t done nothing you must have done something!! It really confused me the first time someone said it to me. But that is just being me and that always glares at me because of remembering what I was told. As for second sentence personally I would have used the words “that need” but that’s just me. Brenda you say what you want it doesn’t really matter we all know what you mean!!

    Off to get breakfast for two little perishers and get ready for trip to Chepstow to see Jeff’s Mum and his brother and sister in law for lunch.

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  4. Barbara Stone

    Hi everybody,
    Hadn’t realised I hadn’t put anything on the forum for ages, but looking back, it’s been a while.
    I’ve been working on the train one day a week, occasionally with another ticket inspector, but last week I was on my own, and it was a nightmare! I was completely wiped out when I got home. So I thought to myself, yesterday would be better, then found I’d got a trainee, who didn’t know exactly what he was doing, so it was just as busy! However, it was still fun. During our break, he asked me how to do CPR, so I showed him, and it turned into a teaching session with others wanting to know how to do it, which only came to a halt, with the arrival of a passenger who was a doctor, and thought that somebody really had had a cardiac arrest! Great fun as you can imagine.
    Weather here has been a bit iffy, we’ve had rain occasionally, and although Bob managed to cut the grass yesterday, he said it was still wet. But we have been having a visitor lately - we’ve got a baby hedgehog who comes into the garden at night, and we sometimes see him around in the daytime. He was walking along the patio at 8.00 am today, before disappearing into a flower bed. Very sweet.
    Brenda, blow the grammar, just say what you like, and we’ll understand.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  5. Hello girls,
    Well for Jean's lively enquiring mind I will quickly say that the first sentence has two negatives in it, so that's that one explained. The second bit relates to the use of the word 'of' at the end of a sentence. It's a preposition and is incorrect to finish a sentence on a preposition.

    Right, now we say sod it and things like 'Brenda needs to get out more - and move on.......

    Had a shock this morning. To explain: my very antiquated sewing machine has always worked brilliantly with the use of Gutermann thread (doesn't like the cheaper stuff, it makes the tension wobble a bit). So - my current Gutermann - a cream coloured one - is running low so when we were out shopping earlier on I bobbed into our local Hobbycraft. I needed a couple of DMC threads to top up my stock and I picked up a couple of other little bits as well. I then turned to the Gutermann thread and picked up a spool of that - a Sew It All variety in polyester - 500 ml. Paid for the purchases on my Visa debit card and didn't check the bill until I got home. Do you know how much I paid for this flipping spool - £8.25!! Admittedly I can't remember what I paid for the previous one and it has lasted me for what feels like years - and okay - my sewing machine does perform so beautifully when 'fed' this particular brand, but hell's bells - £8.25. That'll teach me.... in future I shall trawl the internet when I need one again. I've notice my white spool won't be around for much longer either, so when it comes to replacing that - I shall be asking Mr. Google what he can find me at a more reasonable price!.....

    Isn't it nice to be able to whinge to each other like this - with us all being stitchers/sewers we have great understanding and compassion towards each other when suddenly finding we can't do something like buying a spool of thread for 5/- (old money - five shillings for those unacquainted with how things were priced up on the little tickets years ago) - God Brenda you must be getting bloody old.......

    Posted 3 months ago #
  6. Barbara Stone

    Well if you’re getting old, so must I be! I was talking to a passenger on the train while we were waiting for the bus, and I explained it was a heritage bus, with an open back - remember them. If not, watch Summer Holiday with Cliff again - and I told a woman that I’d travelled to school on one of those, and the fare was 3d - old money - and her kid piped up with “what’s old money?” So we had to explain it to him. Do you realise we went decimal in 1971? That’s 50 years ago. Where does the time go?
    I’ve just read the previous sentence, and if you’re confused about buses and trains, then to explain, our level crossing is out of action, so we have to disembark all our passengers at Dunster, and take them on to Minehead in a bus. Great fun, but not for the Ticket inspectors as we then have to turn into bus conductors instead.
    But Gutterman thread is expensive. I managed to buy a big spool, which will probably last out me and my descendants for just £9.00, cos I made a mistake when I was ordering it, and ticked the box for 1000m instead of 100m. But try Minerva, they might be cheaper, but there are plenty of places on the web who are able to do it cheaper. Talking of which, I bought a pattern for a fancy dress costume yesterday, and it cost me £12.00! That’s extortionate, and as I’m only going to be wearing the costume three times (it’s for a murder mystery play I’m doing) , and the material is going to cost a fortune, then it’s turning into a very expensive play! It’s going to be fun though - I hope!

    Posted 3 months ago #
  7. Christine Berrett

    Barbara, what's to stop you wearing the costume for dinner at one of the CSG weekends? Bet it would go down a storm! ;o)

    Posted 3 months ago #
  8. Barbara Stone

    Might have to do that. It’s a Fantastically difficult pattern to follow, so it needs to be worn more than three times.
    Bad news about our hedgehog- had to take our baby hog to the RSPCA hospital this afternoon, cos he’s not well. He collapsed in the garden this afternoon, so we had to take him. They say he’s very underweight, but they’ll keep an eye on him and let us know how he’s doing. Very worried about the poor little thing.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  9. Barbara love - I feel sure the little baby will be all right now he's with the RSPCA. You mention earlier that you'd seen him around through the day. Well, that is indicative of the fact that he's hungry - which is born out by your RSPCA's comments that he's underweight.

    It could well be that mummy hedgehog is no longer around for whatever reason and that was why baby was wandering about during daylight hours, but now he's with people who know what to do they will I'm sure be syringe feeding him with some sort of liquid nutritional substance. Once he's being fed with that he will soon pick up - there may literally be nothing else wrong with him.

    Don't worry - he'll be all right but I love you for caring so much.... xx

    Posted 3 months ago #
  10. Barbara Stone

    Brenda, Thing is, we’ve been feeding him whenever he appeared - he has cat food, and special hedgehog food. I think he’s independent of his mum now, cos his brothers (or sisters) have been seen in next doors garden, and they look to be okay. He’s such s little charmer as well - I’ll send you a photo. I phoned the RSPCA a couple of days ago for advice, cos I was worried that he was out during the day, and they said to take him in if we could catch him, but we couldn’t. He was off like a rocket when I went outside, so he obviously had lots of energy. But I’m glad he’s now with people who will know how to look after him. The vet was there when we arrived and said he’s going to get immediate treatment. Hope for good news soon.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  11. Christine Berrett

    Fingers crossed for the little hedgehog!

    Posted 3 months ago #
  12. Hello again Barbara love,
    Well, I don't doubt you've been feeding him, but if he's underweight I still think he's - forgive me - but not getting quite the right nutrient for his size. Like all creatures (and human beings) little'uns need to be weaned from mum's milk to a more 'grown up' type of diet, so I still think he's a little bit adrift in that there's something he needs which he isn't currently getting. As you say they can move very swiftly, so to me that says he's not unwell in any other way, so personally I feel it still comes back to his diet. Anyway, let's all keep our fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    As a matter of interest - has the RSPCA asked if you want him back once he's recovered? It will be better for him to come back to his own 'patch' - especially as he has you and Bob routing for him! Being placed elsewhere might mean he won't get the same attention. Ask them if you can have him back if they don't offer. Their policy does border on the 'put 'em back where they belong' type of thinking.

    Having said all this - I hope you do realise now that we shall be expecting regular bulletins as to his progress!! Love B. xx

    Posted 3 months ago #
  13. Barbara Stone

    We are waiting to hear from the RSPCA to see how he gets on, but we were going to ask them if he could come back to us when (if) he gets better. I'd love to have him back in the garden to grow up. We've built another house for him for the winter, and Bob was putting the straw inside, when he found him collapsed. Big mummy and Big daddy have been around this evening, and eating the food we've been putting down for them. Just sorry it wasn't good enough for the baby. He was about the size of a grapefruit when he curled up, so not that small really.
    Regular health bulletins will be issued when I find out how he is!

    Posted 3 months ago #
  14. Oh well - if he is grapefruit size Barbara, he is nearer to being a hedgehog rather than a hoglet ....this is a mystery then isn't it as to what is wrong with him. Don't despair though, I feel sure he will be all right.

    At least you care - and that is so important.......Unlike the rotten sods who left a little ginger and white kitten on a lay-by at 6 to 7 weeks old, no mum or siblings - just baby on his own. Fortunately someone of a caring nature picked him up and brought him into our RSPCA a couple of weeks ago. He's ginger and white and they've called him Harry........(think about the pointers that led to this! - ginger, no mum)...... Anyway, he's doing well now and already has been adopted ready to go off to his new home, once all the relevant checks have been done.

    Looking forward to reading regular health bulletins re the hoglet in due course - what are you going to call him?? He must have a name...... Spike would be a good one......?? Well, maybe not - Spike Stone would sound a bit twee wouldn't it. That reminds me though, when I worked in the School of Nursing one of our Nurse Tutors had a cat called Whiskers (nothing outstanding there), but his 'mum' was Martha Wallace, so at her local vets the cat had a history card headed up 'Whiskers Wallace' - I said to Martha that it made him sound a bit like a feline gangster..... well, it tickled my sense of humour anyway.....

    Posted 3 months ago #
  15. Christine Berrett

    Spike Stone sounds like some sort of aging rock star to me - nothing wrong with that!

    Posted 3 months ago #
  16. Well - names are funny things in what they suggest aren't they.... When I first moved up to Cheshire I worked in an office with a girl with the surname Sparks. She left not too long afterwards because she was pregnant. We were having a discussion in the office one afternoon as she had found out she was to be mum to a baby we were talking about babies names. I suggested 'Marksand' and she said 'That's unusual isn't it' to which I added 'Well, it kind of rolls off the tongue doesn't it - the whole thing I mean' she tried it, saying 'Marksand Sparks' - and then realised I was winding her up....'Oh you' she said and we spent the rest of the afternoon tittering on what other names we could come up with which were just as silly and funny. Happy days.

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  17. Morning Ladies
    I'm back from my week away & you've all been having a good natter

    I'm going to duck as I say this, bit I'm not old enough to remember old money
    Apart from the sixpence, shilling & 2 shilling coins with their new values
    I can add up pre-decimal though - my mum had a tin of old cardboard coins that I used to play with & learnt to add up properly

    We had a good week away - weather was on & off, but it was just good to get away for the week

    Barbara, I hope Spike is doing OK. I found one sat at the end of our drive one lunchtime so moved it to back garden where it promptly curled up & went to sleep for the afternoon

    Posted 3 months ago #
  18. Christine Berrett

    Dear Helen, you are such a young chick!

    Posted 3 months ago #
  19. Christine Berrett

    Sounds like Spike has acquired a name

    Posted 3 months ago #
  20. I'm not so young - do you know my step children were born after we'd stopped using paper £1 notes?

    Posted 3 months ago #

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