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    I'm really puzzled. I just bought IStitch at the NEC stitching show today. It may just be that I'm too tired to see straight but I'm wondering how this programme is an improvement on the old Designer Gold considering it's increased price tag.

    I had been hanging my nose over this for some time because my new lappy, running Vista, didn't seem to like the Gold programme. Mainly it would not display any menu screens fully so I would get only half the menu showing which made it impossible to use things like the Border wizard. With IStitch I had hoped that this would not be the case but not only am I still only getting to see half menu screens with sentences cut off mid way but there is no border wizard which is a function I have used with great success on the old programme.

    I was also promised that the saved designs I'd already done with Designer Gold would be opened by IStitch but I've tried to open several of my designs without success. I knew I would have to fiddle with the .JGF/.JGM motif files - a chore but not too bad - but it appears as if the only way I'm going to be able to view my original work is to save it as a motif to in Designer Gold and then amend the file name to turn it into an RXM file that IStitch will read, then resave it as a file as normal. Considering how many designs I've got this is going to take me forever.

    I'm a bit fed up about this. I was so thrilled to finally get this software and I'm puzzled why it seems a bit unimpressive in comparision with the older programme. I'm not sure it is worth the increased price tag.

    Like I say, I amy be going silly because I'm tired but I can't fathom this one out.

    Help anyone???

    Posted 8 years ago #

    Okay, I think I've sorted the problem of opening the old .jgg files so that smallish worry is resolved. I just need to change the file extension to .pt7 and that is that sorted.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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