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  • Started 9 years ago by quiltingdeb
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  1. quiltingdeb

    Hi girls, we had a flood and I lost a lot of my cross stitch patterns, magazines and books to water ruin. Several years ago I made a cross stitch gift that was professionally framed and matted for a family member (they gave it a thrift store) that I would like to duplicate. I believe I found the pattern in a cross stitch magazine from the 1980's. The pattern had the word WELCOME in the center of the piece with multicolored pansies surrounding WELCOME on all sides but the top was open. If anyone could point in the right direction I would really appreciate it. This was a truly beautiful piece and I wanted to keep it, but gave it to the family member as it was intended. Now I have the time to make it again and can't find the pattern. Please help. Many thanks and blessings, Deb

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Christine Berrett

    Sorry, can't help you with the pattern I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say that I know how I'd feel if someone passed on such a gift to a thrift store/charity shop (!)


    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. Brigitte Gant

    How awful for you to have lost some of your stash. But at least youar well. I have learned to make stitched cards and gifts only for people who actually appreciate them. It does not take just five minutes to make something personal and it must have been heartbreaking for you to find your precious work had gone to a thrift shop. They should have offered it back to you at least, if they no longer wanted it.
    Good luck with the pattern hunt.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. 00560910

    I tried to put this on another part of the forum but i must have pressed the wrong key so at the risk of being boring I am doing it again. I am hunting for a good realistic chart of a cockatiel-my own hand-tame little birds won't co-operate as as soon as I go in with the camera they land on my head and won't get off or stay still on their perch long enough for a decent photo.

    Posted 9 years ago #

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