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Compensation costs for sampler lost at framers - any ideas?

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  • Started 9 years ago by CeliaPhipps
  • Latest reply from Brigitte Gant
  1. CeliaPhipps

    Hi, I'm new here. I have just received bad news - the birth sampler I took to the framers has been lost! Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions as to how I should start working out my compensation costs?! It took months, 16 count aida, 38cm x 15cm kit from the Historical Sampler Company - a real labour of love. I just don't know where to start other than obviously asking for the cost of the kit. Thanks for any ideas that may help.


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  2. Oh Celia - I cannot believe this has happened - how absolutely dreadful. Well, I feel compensation should be in the form of the cost of the kit, an estimate of roughly how long it took you to stitch it plus a 'distress' value for it having been lost. I would make this last bit a really hefty sum as it may just encourage them to have another really good look round to find it!

    Let's face it at the end of the day nothing will compensate really. I would also take the trouble to question them more closely - is it possible that they do still have it but it's just that they've done something to mess it up and don't like to own up; it could be to you that it is still salvageable in some way.

    As a word of advice I would add take the time to kind of 'step back' for a minute to think things through Sometimes when we are in situations like this we can act rashly and then wish afterwards when we've calmed down that we had approached things in a different way.

    Whatever happens I'm quite sure you will have the commiserations and sympathy of all the Guild members behind you; people do care.

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  3. Brigitte Gant

    Celia, my heart goes out to you. What a dreadful thing to lose such a labour of love.
    The compensation cannot be high enough. However, non stitchers really do not appreciate the work, time and patience goes into our projects. I have just finished a bell pull style birth sampler from a grandson born last year and another - a kit - for the latest addition to the family. The latter sampler needs to go into a frame. As with all my work I never leave it with the framer. I choose the frame and mount and frame the piece myself. I am not very quick doing that, but so far none of my work has fallen out of the frame, so I must be doing something right.
    I do hope that they will compensate you with an amount that will lessen your anger sufficiently and give you the encouragement to stitch it all again. Good luck.

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