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  • Started 6 years ago by Andrea Thompson
  • Latest reply from Brigitte Gant
  1. Andrea Thompson

    December is here and my first Christmas meal is tonight.
    The craft club 4 course christmas menu :-)
    Followed rapidly after by another Christmas curry meal, a Christmas lunch with work, another curry out with a more select group of work colleagues and then a party at a Dance School I go to... with a enormous buffet.

    And that's before I even get to Christmas day itself!
    I think it's quite likely that I'll eat enough food in just the organised "do's" to not need to eat the rest of December.

    So what I really need for December are a few practical tips on letting out waistbands....

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Ah - you see Andrea - with old age comes common sense - we silver haired sirens don't have waistbands - we just do elastic stretchy jobs - listen and learn gal, listen and learn.................

    Have a lovely time tonight. Give Beryl a hug for me and keep Mrs. Berrett off the red stuff in a bottle - she might start singing. She's singing Carols with her group at an Old Folks Home sometime this week - I've heard there's been a plea go out for hammer, nails and strips of wood so's they can barricade themselves in and keep the singers out!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. Christine Berrett

    Just got back from terrorising the old folks in Alderley Edge with our singing (as if old age did not hold enough terrors already). We enjoyed ourselves, but I'm not sure whether they did...

    And Brenda, you know I never touch a drop of the red stuff when I'm driving!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Jean Strange

    Ordered my Christmas meat this afternoon now we finally know who is coming when!! It took some time last night working out what to have when and how much of everything I needed. Have my Mum from 22nd Dec to 27th Dec, daughter, son-in-law, new grandson and adopted or inherited 6 year old grand daughter arrive on 26th. Then on 27th meeting friends and family half way for lunch, my Mum will be taken home by friends and Jeff's Mum will come back to stay with us. Daughter etc. go home on 29th and we will take mother-in-law home on 30th or 31st. A lot of cooking and eating to be done!! I think I might need to lie down in a quiet room or sit and stitch for at least a day after that lot!!!
    At least this year we are not going to works "things". None for me to attend now I have left teaching. Jeff's "do" at Kempton Park on a Friday night would mean staying at a Premier Inn or similar and he has somewhere to be by 9.00 on Saturday morning so we decided to give it a miss.
    Going to Jane's on Saurday and have booked for 19th January look forward to seeing some of you there.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. Auntie Beryl

    I am off to Germany tomorrow . Lots of stollen and Gluwien . Starting the week at the Craft Club "do" tonight. I will be back in time for No. 2 daughters birthday on the 13th. We are having a family party for No 1 daughters 60th on the 27th . Her birthday is not till the 4th Jan but she has to be back at school then . Only pressies to buy and cards to write when I get back . I can see some late nights coming up ! Best Wishes to everyone,Have a lovely Christmas Love Beryl

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. Barbara Stone

    Decided this year, I'm going to be a real humbug!!! The beloved slave and I are heading to Derbyshire on Christmas Eve for a christmas away from everything and everybody, and will return, unfortunately, on Wednesday evening after the evening meal, cos I've got to go to work on the Thursday morning. I'm on holiday for two weeks as from this Friday evening, so am heading towards Janes first thing Saturday morning for a weekend of stitching and gossip, before going to Suffolk on Monday to go birdwatching for a few days. So I'm not going to go to any Christmas eating occasions, and have bought all my presents and wrapped them up already, as they've got to be delivered next weekend. I can't believe I'm so organised. I know I've forgotten something, but can't for the life of me think what it can be. Oh well, when we run out of something, or miss an event, I'll know what it was. Happy Christmas to everybody, and look forward to seeing some of you at Janes.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. Brigitte Gant

    Barbara, you have that feeling you've forgotten something for Christmas? I have that feeling all the year round. But you know what, it does not matter a jot. The world has not come to an end, because of my forgetting about something. What a comforting thought.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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