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Is everybody on holiday

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  • Started 5 years ago by Barbara Stone
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  1. Barbara Stone

    Haven't we all gone quiet? Is everybody on holiday, or just got nothing to say? Come on Brenda, you normally start things off on here!

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. Brigitte Gant

    Not gone on hols, but got Isaac and Elias here since yesterday till Sunday, because their Mummy and Daddy are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in Rome. My daughter had the best flight ever as her teenage idol, Paul Young, was sitting on the plane with them and she had her photo taken with him. I can just imagine her going absolutely ballistic and leaving her poor Aussie husband totally bewildered. Isaac was chuffed to bits to come 4th in his Tennis Camp Mini Wimbledon. He was the youngest so he did really well. After lunch we went up Dunstable Downs to fly our Aldi specials kites, which got up first go and stayed up, much to the boys' delight. The cake and cookies in the café afterwards went down well, too. Needles to say after a good splash in the bathtub, going to bed was not a lot of bother as two tired little chaps went up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire. Off to West Wycombe to the Hellfire Caves and more kit flying tomorrow.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. No Barbara not on holiday, just really busy with the W word
    Going to Ireland on the 13th though

    Managed to get Flowery Mead finished last weekend though and the lovely northern lights & log cabin picture frames at last

    Going to see if I can get another UFO sorted this week

    Posted 5 years ago #
  4. Flipping 'eck - came onto the Forum for a quick nosey before going off to the railway for a few days and find Barbara Stone has put me up front again for a bit of something or other - and there's me thinking she must surely be strapped onto the roof rack of the car by now and being transported to pastures new on the housing front!.....

    Well, I am off to the Severn Valley shortly - there until Wednesday evening. I'm on the Sunday lunchtime train working and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be doing Arts and Crafts at the Engine House at Highley Station with all the kiddywinks who are of course now on school holidays.

    Trying its best to rain here this morning, but I've still given everything a good watering. Mind you everything green steps back from me in horror as I approach with the watering can, I don't think the taste of Fairy Liquid is going down too well - (all the rainwater butts are now empty). Saving all the dregs of the teapot for the acid loving plants (they don't like the lime in tap water as all you garden lovers out there will know - but the acid in tea helps to compensate).

    How chuffed you must be Helen to finish Flowery Mead! - mine too is done but I still have it in the drawer as I want to display it as a bell pull - and I haven't the 'handles' to do that with yet. I shall maybe find something nice at Ally Pally. That reminds me - Brigitte, light of my life - are we going to end up sitting together again this year in some workshop or other I wonder? Haven't been on the website yet to find out what workshops there are - must do that soon as they do quickly fill up.

    Right, now - Mrs. Stone - hope this little entry has satisfied you and I can go off to play chuff-chuffs knowing I've left Bristol's little blonde bombshell with a smile on her gob. Ta-ra for the time being. Brenda xx

    Posted 5 years ago #
  5. Brenda have fun with the trains & kids. Hope it stays nice for you
    My Flowery Mead doesn't quite look like Jane's - didn't do all those flowers round the edge having decided it had taken long enough to do & didn't need them. I'll take it to Leicester for those going to see
    I'm going to see if I can get the odd days of my advent done for this year - did the even ones for last year. If I don't start now the D month will soon be here

    Posted 5 years ago #
  6. Christine Berrett

    Leicester is only 98 sleeps to go...

    Posted 5 years ago #
  7. Carol

    Not been on holiday yet, well not since Easter that is, but due to lack of rain the watering duties at the allotment and garden are exhausting. Still succumbed and ordered "the book" this week and it arrived today. Don't think I have ever stroked a book before but just couldn't resist it. So many good things to stitch, which to do first?

    Posted 5 years ago #
  8. Barbara Stone

    So annoyed by lack of response from our solicitor for the past week, we drove down to the New Forest again, for a wander, and to see if we could see snakes, slow worms etc. Saw the latter, plus different birds and butterflies by the galore, before having a meal out, and getting home to read e mails. We've just found out that everything seems now to be okay with the house, access etc., so we should be able to move fairly soon (hopefully).

    Wanted to order "the book", but phoned Jane on Wednesday, she was unavailable, so left a message and my phone number for a return call. Nothing on Thursday, or today, so Monday, I've got to phone Jane with the credit card number again.

    Next Sunday, I'll be chugging up the M5 to the Festival of Quilts to see my quilt on display, and see what the judges have said about it. Lets hope they've not been too dismissive of it. Hope I might see some of you up there, I know quite a few CSG members were going to go.

    Anyway, Mrs. M. go play trains, enjoy yourself, and I'll speak to you soon, and hope everybody else is well.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  9. Jean Strange

    Yes on holiday in our caravan in The New Forest. Spent 3 days at the New Forest Show last week. Home for a few days from tomorrow then back again for another week or so. Now that Jeff has joined me in retirement he says we are doing nothing but plan holidays!! We now have free wifi on our site. Not always that fast and sometimes a few problems but it does mean I can keep up with all the gossip and news.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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