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The Day After Boxing Day!

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  • Started 5 years ago by brenda midgley
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  1. Well, we had a good one in our house so I hope you did in yours. Sobering thought though about those poor families in Glasgow for whom Christmas will never be the same.

    I know for a fact that it heightened my sense of 'why worry......about dinner being late......about gravy that nearly was lumpy.......etc. etc.' How awful for such a terrible thing to happen.

    Just looked out of the window where I am sitting typing - seems like a lot of seagulls are flying around outside as they have spotted some bits and pieces I've just chucked out onto the lawn. I must say they look remarkably clean and white!

    We had a light touch of snow yesterday evening but it's all gone this morning. According to the news though it's been worse elsewhere so I hope none of you are amongst those who've been caught up in it whilst out travelling. One lady, talking on the radio, was stuck for three hours in a car with a two week old baby!

    Well, this was just intended as a 'keep in touch' message with you all, so I'm off to organise some lunch now. I also must go and organise the DVD player thing. Drama (Channel 20 Freeview) is showing a repeat of North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell) which I do not want to miss. Seen it once before and read the book. One for the ladies and infinitely preferable (to me) than watching James bloody Bond (again) and The Sound of Music (just as equally repeated each year!).....

    Keep smiling and stitching. Love, Brenda

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  2. Brigitte Gant

    It is not new that the festive days highlight tragedy more than at any other time. So sad.
    We are so insignificant when it comes to the weather. It rules us. Fortunately we have had a sunny, albeit cold day. I have not moved much today, feeling really grotty. DH and I have caught a horrid cough which has some stupid side effects, so in that sense I have moved about, at least between my chair and the powder room.

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  3. Jean Strange

    Hi everyone
    Had a good Christmas in spite of the 4 stitches in my neck and jaw!! Had a fall in the lounge late on 19th December and had an argument with the gas fire (it won)!!!!!!
    The day after Boxing day is my birthday and we met friends and family for lunch at a pub restaurant in Royal Wootton Basset. My Mum went home to Bristol with friends and we brought Jeff's Mum back with us. Daughter, Grandson and Step Grand Daughter came on Boxing Day went back north on 28th. Mum in law went home on the coach yesterday. Daughter and Grandson back on Sunday this week then Step Grand Daughter on Friday 9th until Sunday 11th. Might need a rest after that lot!!

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