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  • Started 2 months ago by Helen Hawkins-Ainsley
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  1. Morning ladies

    Hope you're all keeping well & had a good weekend.
    I'm still attempting to knit at the moment - seem to spend as much time going backwards as forwards. I've done a little cardigan with raglan sleeves, but now need my mum to help me set them in the cardigan. I'm doing a little dress a the moment - it looks ever so sweet in the picture.

    The fence is coming on well at the front - at least it keeps Mick from under my feet on an afternoon. Will need to find something else when that's done.

    As for hospital appointments Barbara. I have found over the last few years that my Dad gets the really early ones - wasn't too bad when I worked on the outskirts of Leeds & could drop him off, but I got the ones at 11am or 2.30pm - completely messing up the working day. We should have had them the other way round - I prefer early or late ones. Don't get me started on the GPs - they won't do in person appointments & don't even seem to do video ones either - so frustrating. Then I got annoyed about the dentist & the news on about people missing appointments & how they need to see the dentist - my dentist sent me a text in August to say they were postponing my October appointment & would contact me when it could be rebooked - still waiting.

    Have to go now - I have an all morning video meeting - wake me up for lunch

    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. Jean Strange

    Morning everyone
    Talking about Dr appointments supposed to have one with consultant at Kings today. Had letter to say will be phone consultation. Hope it happens this time last time he was supposed to phone on Thursday afternoon and didn’t. Got phone call from the hospital on Friday morning with “did Mr Jessum phone you?” Answer no “oh your another one he missed then. He seems to have missed a few people off the list “ Not amused!! Had waited all afternoon next to the phone.

    Our GP’s are doing some face to face appointments. You have to wait outside in car park and they phone your mobile when they are ready to see you or come out and call you in. The same for blood tests.

    I’ve been knitting and stitching when my eyes are tired or deciding that there is something in the air they don’t like I knit otherwise I sew. Have started making some place mats and coasters for Christmas to use up some of the stash of fabric I have. Bought some heat resistant wadding for them. Have also made a few lavender bags with some linen band that was in my stash ready for Christmas presents.

    Well off to do some baking. Found a couple of recipes for Christmas stuff I want to try. First one for Christmas cake bites a light fruit tray bake that can have marzipan and icing. As if I made a proper cake it would only have a few slices eaten I thought this would be a good idea as Mary Berry says it freezes well without the marzipan and icing. So can freeze at least half for later. If my son in law was near would make a proper cake as he loves fruit cake and would easily polish it off.

    Eldest grandsons birthday today. Hope he has a good day at school. As I said before all his birthday treats have been cancelled due to Covid-19 so sent him a Scalectric set that he will be able to play with his brother and probably his Dad!!!!!

    Posted 5 days ago #
  3. It's my step-daughter's birthday as well today. Don't how she can be 25 - she was just a tiny little nearly 4 when I first met her.

    The sun is shining - ideal for stitching & I'm stuck working :(

    Posted 5 days ago #
  4. Barbara Stone

    Hi everybody. Seems like everybody is being very industrious again, and either knitting or sewing while we're all locked down again. I've given up on the knitting for a while, - the pattern I had was so awful, that I unpicked it so many times, so I'm giving up on it for a while. Instead, I'm doing cross stitch again, and I've started quilting again, having stopped for a while.
    Incidentally, our GP's are doing face to face appointments, but they are few and far between. As for dentists - I saw mine once in August, and I'm still waiting for a check up date for next year. It was meant to have been in April, but obviously that didn't happen. However, if you do need further treatment, then appointments for hospitals have been a lot easier to get. X Rays etc., are timed, and there is no waiting around. Maybe there is a silver lining to some things after all!

    Posted 1 day ago #

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