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  • Started 2 weeks ago by Helen Hawkins-Ainsley
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  1. Christine Berrett

    Not seeing it on the CSG page

    Posted 6 days ago #
  2. Try the More then Communities

    Posted 5 days ago #
  3. Christine Berrett

    Helen, thanks - got it now!

    Posted 5 days ago #
  4. Jean Strange

    Hi everyone
    Beryl lovely to see a post from you. I have wondered if you were ok during this very difficult time.

    Helen loved the birth sampler such an appropriate one for a winter or Christmas baby. Have you been able to visit her yet?

    Well I have now heard/read it all. Words from local authority leaflet for clinically extremely vulnerable people
    Try to stay two metres away from other people in your household, especially if they display symptoms of the virus or have been advised to self isolate. I ask you how do you stay two metres away from each other in a normal house? I would love to know who wrote that one.

    Still keeping busy and sane with the stitching and knitting. Finished the stitching on the Sweete bag still got beading to do but may leave that until I have done the book cover as well to decide exactly where I want to put beads. Also pictures show a second row of four sided stitch at top of design, this isn’t on the chart, but thought I would do a row of long legged cross stitch instead. Waiting to do book cover to see which thread I still have lots of!!

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  5. Jean, glad to hear you're enjoying the Sweete Bag - I keep looking at it

    We haven't seen the baby yet, due to both her parents having a mild case of covid & then going in to lockdown. We keep getting photos & videos though

    Posted 5 days ago #
  6. Just got an email from Andrea to say Swindon is cc'd cancelled. Not surprised really

    Posted 2 days ago #
  7. Jean Strange

    Just had email too. Not surprised but disappointed.

    Remembered last year Brenda posted something about telling Andrea to keep some of refund and send us all the planned project so that we could do a “stitch along” at home.

    Anyone up for that idea?

    Posted 2 days ago #
  8. Jean Strange

    Fiona phoned Andrea already project being kept for next year hopefully third time lucky!!!!

    I’m going to order something when I phone for a refund and stitch it over that weekend.

    Posted 2 days ago #
  9. Christine Berrett

    Disappointing, but not at all surprising. I don't suppose Andrea wanted to send that email any more than we wanted to receive it :o((

    Posted 1 day ago #
  10. I agree Christine, I'm sure Andrea didn't want to cancel another weekend.
    I asked her to put the money to the Leeds weekend.

    Maybe we should all pick a project from the next magazine & do that (or at least start it) on the Swindon weekend

    We have a nephew who is due to get married the week before & I'm sure that will be postponed again as well.

    Posted 1 day ago #
  11. Jean Strange

    I’m sure Andrea didn’t want to have to send the email. She must be as disappointed as we are.

    Last year I had cancelled Swindon in February after my op I was already in a semi lockdown due to that. It was already no public transport, avoid crowded places like restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc. Don’t see the grandchildren for about 3 months. Then we went into lockdown.
    It all got extended. I was looking forward to this year being better and being able to do lots of things but looks like not going to be much different to last year for a while at least.

    We have been informed that our GP practice is going to be a GP hub for the vaccine so that is good.

    Helen I am going to order the Tudor Sweete bag as my Swindon weekend project. Have so enjoyed doing the one from Jane’s Finder of Treasures site thought I would like to do another one.

    Posted 1 day ago #
  12. Barbara Stone

    Really upset about the cancellation, but I was half expecting it. Might try and book for Leeds, but if not, I’m definitely going to be at Leicester. Found a nice project that I must have picked up at a Guild weekend, so intend to phone Andrea and get some material for it. Trouble is, I’ve got so many projects that I’ve done, but have no wall space for. Does anybody else have the same problem? Out in the cabin, I counted them this afternoon and I’ve got 25 that I’ve completed but haven’t framed. And the lockdown has taken up the last remaining space I had. I’ve been given loads of my mums as well, as she hasn’t got the wall space for them, so what am I going to do with them all? Anybody got any suggestions?

    Posted 1 day ago #

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