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  1. Christine Berrett

    I'm sulking now - everyone has got their magazine except me. Why doesn't the postie like me?? :o((

    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. Christine, he does this to you everytime - you need to have a word with Andrea to get yours sent out in the first batch :)

    Posted 1 week ago #
  3. Christine Berrett

    LOL, I think Andrea's copy also takes longer to arrive, so I ain't go no chance!

    Posted 1 week ago #
  4. The ones for the North West must go out last then - it's worth the wait :)

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. Christine Berrett

    It is my understanding that the magazine is sent out by the printer. I have always assumed (and I am quite prepared to be proved wrong about this) that they dispatch the lot in one go. But maybe not - maybe the envelopes are batched up and sent out over a couple of days. Whatever, I only really care that it does turn up eventually...

    Posted 1 week ago #
  6. Christine Berrett

    Yay! The postman has been this morning and brought my CSG magazine!! :oD

    Posted 1 week ago #
  7. Good news

    Posted 1 week ago #
  8. Barbara Stone

    Got my magazine on Friday so thank you Mr. Postie. Nice things to do in it, but having recovered my stitching mojo, I don't think I'm going to have the time to do it.
    Brenda, my fairy is almost complete - he's got both arms, wings, legs etc., and I've only got two more flowers to do, and all the back stitch, but I think I got a bit fed up with it. I shall go back to it soon. In the meantime, I'm busy designing new things to go on the sides of my stitchers travelling trunk. I've got nice pictures of Flying Scotsman and Mallard, and now I've got to work out what to put on the ends and the top. As I can't work on the trains at the moment, I'll have to stitch them instead!
    Weather today is bright and sunny, so much so, we've had to draw the blinds so I can see to type this by! However, the rain and wind were so strong last night, I feared for my roof! Hope everybody is keeping well.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  9. Jean Strange

    Morning everyone

    Weather brightening up here sun out at moment. It probably won’t last long!! But nice to see while it does last.

    Glad I have lots of projects to keep me busy. Decided to get out basket of Jane and Sue Hawkins kits. Found the last of a series from Sue it was a series of kits she did years ago I think it was called Language of Flowers I have done rest so might do that to finish series next.

    Had letter from Government yesterday saying that as a clinically extremely vulnerable person even if I have had both jabs I should be shielding!! Also that shielding has been extended until at least the end of March. I had telephone consultation with Dr at Kings on Thursday they were asking am I doing lots of walking. Answer not as much as I would like as not allowed to go anywhere. We do have a nice place to walk very near us an old stately home which is now an arts centre it has quite nice park and wooded areas to walk but you can get fed up with them after a while. Definitely not pleasant in wet weather paths can be very muddy with large puddles at times.

    Off to think about washing what to have for dinner.

    Hope everyone is safe and well. Let’s hope Boris gives us some hope on Monday.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  10. Your situation would be laughable Jean were it not for the frustration of it all - how on earth they expect you to stay shielding and yet go out exercising as well.....

    The arts centre cum old stately home with nice park and wooded areas sounds delightful but I suppose walking it on a regular basis might begin to make you wish for a walk in a different place. You are still lucky to have this area though. I try to have a little walk most days but we only have the housing estate to do it in really - so a bit of wooded area in a nice park sounds quite appealing to me....

    Lovely sunny day here today, nice temperature - a pleasure to be outside. Did a bit of weeding along the border under the conservatory window. Nice to do that as I'm on hardstanding doing way yet we can get on grassy areas to weed something as it's still far too wet.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  11. Barbara Stone

    lovely day yesterday here as well, got quite excited at the thought of being able to get out into the garden, but today it’s blowing half a gale, and it’s cold again. Sitting watching the guys from the council, erecting a small fence around the grassy area in front of the house, to stop people parking on it, and reducing the grass to mud, a they have been doing. Meant to be stitching, but that’s more interesting!
    Had my vaccine last Wednesday and haven’t been right since! High blood sugars are not fun, and they don’t show any sign of going down in the foreseeable future. Almost at the point of wishing I hadn’t had the jab!
    I’d love to be able to get out for a walk, because we do have some good walks around here, but everybody else in the village has had the same idea, and the ‘quiet’ walks are busier than the village is, so I’m staying put and horror of horrors and sorry to swear, but will have to get on with some housework.
    Hope everybody is keeping well.

    Posted 6 days ago #
  12. Jean Strange

    Morning all

    Well have had some nice weather these last couple of days. Been for a walk around local area and as far as the arts centre park. Our council plants bulbs on lots of our grass verges around local car parks roundabouts and such places. Lots of lovely displays of crocuses and miniature daffodils. Spring IS on the way. Even saw some primroses at the side of the lake at the arts centre lake.

    Brenda the advice letter about shielding says I can go out for exercise “cautiously”. Whatever that means!! The problem with the local arts centre area is that as you can imagine it is very popular with lots of dog walkers as well as just local people. There are also several play parks for the smaller children. Luckily the last couple of times we have been it has not been too busy so easy to social distance. Did see a couple of lots of people who obviously thought Boris announcement about meeting outdoors was effective immediately not on March 8th!!!! Including a group of about 6 men (old enough to know better) around a picnic table with take away coffees outside the arts centre building. These people make me so cross.

    Well off for a shower get the washing on and sort Ivory needle book case needs fiddling to get pages to fit inside covers.

    Posted 1 day ago #
  13. Morning all
    After a lovely weekend we've got up to fog this morning
    The pond is full of frogs who think it is spring - they are having great fun trying to fill it up with frog spawn.

    Barbara, how are you doing now after your jab?

    I know what you all mean about how many people are out & about. If you walk down our "Main Street" you wouldn't know we are supposed to be at home - it's so busy.

    Jean, I still have to do the Ivory needle case, but I can already decided it might need some fiddling. I am going to do mine on some band & do it a page at a time so I can get the folds in the right places.

    Hope you all have a good day whatever you do

    Posted 19 hours ago #
  14. Hi all

    Just had an email from Andrea saying that it looks like Leeds will be able to go ahead - good news at last & something to look forward to :)

    Posted 15 hours ago #
  15. Christine Berrett

    Yup, just read Andrea's email - some positive news to look forward to! Three Cheers!!!

    Posted 14 hours ago #
  16. Barbara Stone

    Isn’t it fantastic news! At last I’ve got something to look forward to, and some friends to catch up with (hopefully).

    Posted 11 hours ago #
  17. Oh - isn't that the most brilliant news - I'm so pleased for you all. Absolutely wonderful that you have a lovely weekend to look forward to after all that's gone on with the virus...

    Posted 7 hours ago #

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