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  1. Barbara Stone

    Hi everybody, wondered if anybody has come across the same thing as I have just found. I started a new project a couple of weeks ago, and have been busy stitching the branches of a tree, and a bird feeder that hangs on it. Just started to stitch one of the birds in the picture, and found to my surprise, that every single bird, (and there are seven of them) has got different colour codes, and different symbols to the main picture. In fact, one colour is used in every bird, and in the main branches as well, and has got seven different symbols! Confused or what?
    The chart is an American one, from the Crossed Wing collection, so wondered if anybody has come across the same thing. Do you think this is an American foible, or just for this company. It’s keeping me on my toes, I can tell you!

    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. Christine Berrett

    LOL Barbara, I've never come across this before! I wonder whether the individual birds were charted separately - perhaps for completely different projects - and then put together for this chart, but without the designer thinking to do a 'rationalisation' of the colours/symbols?
    It would make me very cross to have to stitch from a chart like that. Grrrrr.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  3. Barbara Stone

    Four of the seven birds are actually part of the design, and I suppose the others could have been added on later, but they seem to be an integral part of the design. As to being annoyed, yes I was yesterday evening, when I spent quite a while stitching with one colour, only to find thati had to work from a separate and different colour chart. So unpicking had to take place. Is it any wonder that when I’m asked my hobbies, I tend to say unpicking or reverse stitching instead of doing cross stitch!!!
    Hopefully it will look good when it’s finished, if it doesn’t get slung across the room in frustration!

    Posted 9 months ago #
  4. Hi Barbara

    I've never come across that before. I tend to agree with Christine that they must have all been designed separately and then put together. Maybe more than one designer was used & that is why the symbols are different on each bird.
    VERY annoying though

    Posted 9 months ago #
  5. Hello Barbara,

    Yes, it could well be a 'compilation' of birds from different charts made up into a 'new chart', along with different branches, but you would have thought that all the colours would be looked at with a view to bringing them into parity with each other.

    Have to say though that I have a friend who has a chart - by a fairly well known name, which it might be prudent not to mention here, which stems from America and the chart itself is full of lurid colours as a means of identifying what thread goes where. If I remember correctly it has symbols in the lurid squares but even so she has found it quite difficult to work with the chart because she might have a patch of something on the chart shown in purple but when she's gone to the symbol and relevant colour thread it's been say a yellow or green thread. As she says 'if they are going to colour that bit in purple on the chart why isn't the thread colour a matching shade' Seeing as it's quite a big piece of work I rather suspect in time it might become a UFO......

    Maybe it's an American thing that they work like this, whereas in this country we like our kits of colours and charts to be a more concisely produced package.

    We all seem to be in agreement though - really irritating - and for me would take away a lot of the pleasure of stitching the thing......

    Posted 9 months ago #
  6. Christine Berrett

    Ain't no pleasure in that level of aggro :o(((

    Posted 9 months ago #
  7. Barbara Stone

    You are telling me!!!

    Posted 9 months ago #

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