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  • Started 2 years ago by Jean Strange
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  1. Christine Berrett

    I was convinced that Brogan would be sent home based on her less than convincing performance in the first two rounds and not sticking to the brief in the last round, but there you go...

    Btw, I thought that Annie's kimono in the first round was stunning - knocked spots off the other three.

    And absolutely the right decision for Garment of the Week

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Jean Strange

    I agree Christine thought Brogan was on the way home she really had a bad week. Garment of the week was definitely the right choice ticked all the boxes for the brief.

    Next weeks final should be interesting!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. Hello girls,

    Catching up with Wednesday's Sewing Bee. My goodness - I never realised just how many pieces it took to make a kimono - absolutely fascinating!! Have the remaining two sections of the programme still to watch. Hope to do that tonight.

    My lovely Helen - bright as a button - yes, obviously I knew we entered the war in 1939, but it was kicking off a bit before that and the situation as 'vulnerable' was being aired for some time before we joined in. I guess though as you say, silk would have been around in quantity. Poorer folks wouldn't have been able to afford silk 'anything' I don't suppose but your more prosperous purchaser probably wanted everything in silk.

    Interesting though is the subject of parachutes as they really would have wanted them in quantity once our chaps were taking to the skies for the second world war, because this time they would have been flying in combat and needed parachutes, whereas in the first world war pilots were sent up without parachutes. At that time the flying corps were used really for the purposes of reconnaissance - in identifying where enemy batallions were situated on the ground as information for our troops on the ground. These same flyers too also took numerous photos of places of interest in enemy territory, so it wasn't considered necessary for them to have parachutes as they were not expected to be using ammunition. It was probably only when the flyers, in needing to lose height to take their photos, were fired upon that it was suddenly realised the danger the chaps were expected to fly into, without protection should they need to bale out.

    Anyway - back to Sewing Bee - the kimono. Once we'd seen how they were constructed and the fact that I hadn't realised they had a lining as well as the outer fabric, my first thought was just how hot it must be to actually wear one!! Looking forward now though to the other bit I have yet to see.....

    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. Jean Strange

    Morning all
    Brenda I think that kimono pattern was an Esme and her friend “based on” pattern or one of several interpretations. I have a genuine Japanese kimono and it is not lined it is made of a heavy lovely quality cotton.

    Looking forward to the final I think it could be interesting. Annie certainly seems to be handling all the latest challenges well. Don’t think I want to predict a result!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. Christine Berrett

    I got the impression that Esme and her friend took a classical kimono pattern and made it fiendishly difficult. It was described as a 'kimono dress' rather than just a kimono. Esme said that a kimono would normally be fastened with an obi (belt), but she wanted a belt with a great big bow

    Posted 1 year ago #
  6. Oh Jean - how marvellous to have a genuine kimono.....and interesting to hear it isn't lined, so it would seem comments about Esme and her chum kind of making their own interpretation of a kimono is bang on the button...... Lining it would definitely have made it more of a challenge for the sewers. I really do think they've gone all out on the programme with this series to take the contestants out of their comfort zone and test their abilities to the limit with the quirks of things like the origami style of dress and even the sashiko work on old jeans; as well as putting the kimono together. Phew - I really couldn't cope with being a contestant on the programme!!

    I felt sure that Debra would be the one to go this time, so when they announced that all 4 would be going through to the final, I could have cheered. These remaining four have really gelled as a cohesive group so it would have been such a pity for one of them to have been given their marching orders.

    I guess we are all looking forward to the Final with bated breath and personally I can't even 'see' or 'feel' which one will be the ultimate successor....... they each seem to have something different to offer.....

    Posted 1 year ago #
  7. Brogan certainly had a bad day, but I think she is a better than Debra overall - maybe that is why all 4 got to stay - the judges couldn't make their minds up
    Annie has quietly been coming in to her own over the last couple of shows
    Can't wait to see who wins, but then what do we watch?

    Posted 1 year ago #
  8. You've got it in one Helen - what do we watch once it's all over...... I bet there will be big groans all over Yorkshire same as there will be here in Cheshire......

    Have to agree with you - Brogan is better than Debra overall - although I like Debra as a person. I feel Brogan does quite well because she seems to approach things in quite a calm manner and that helps a lot - if it were me I'd lose a lot of time because I'd be panicking!! Also have to agree with your comments about Annie.....

    I shall have to give the Forum a miss on Thursday as I am out Wednesday night for our final choir rehearsal so will have to record the programme. I shall be upset to have the result before I've seen the programme so will have to keep a low profile until I've had chance to catch up with it on Thursday evening. I shall, therefore, check out Forum comments on Friday probably.

    In the meantime though - happy viewing everyone on Wednesday night......

    Posted 1 year ago #
  9. A worthy winner last night - the final challenge definitely met the brief

    Posted 1 year ago #
  10. Christine Berrett

    We were away in Scotland on Wednesday and the recording failed because of the change of channel. It really, really bugs me when the BBC do that, it's so inconsiderate. Luckily the final is repeated on Saturday...

    Posted 1 year ago #
  11. Oh - you've enlightened me there Christine! I too (as mentioned in an earlier post) had to set the recorder for Wednesday night's final and was more than a bit peeved come Thursday evening when I went to watch it that it just didn't feature on the list of recorded stuff. I moaned and huffed and puffed at Geoff who said he'd set it up on IPlayer for me instead, but I like to stop and start and run it back a bit when following the programme through, so I declined his offer.

    I knew it would be repeated on Saturday morning at 9.00 a.m. so went to set the recorder up again and very strangely I thought - it 'lit up' - showing the symbol for instructions for recording already in place. How weird I thought. Anyway I checked the little red recording light was on at about 9.05 so was content that it did seem to be doing its stuff this time. I couldn't watch it live as I was doing a few bits and bobs in readiness for going out to choir rehearsal (we were doing a concert that night).

    I finally got to see it on Sunday evening and it was obvious as the programme went on that it would be either Annie or Man-Yee and when Sara gave the final result pausing before she said the name - I just knew it would be 'Annie' that was about to be uttered.

    What a great programme though. I've really enjoyed the whole series - so now of course I can't wait for the next lot.....think I might have to curb my impatience for a while there though....

    Posted 1 year ago #

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