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The dangers of unpacking when you are tired

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  • Started 13 years ago by Andrea Thompson
  • Latest reply from Christine Berrett
  1. Andrea Thompson

    When I got back from Bradford on Monday I wanted to extend the holiday feeling so postponed unpacking until Tuesday.... Tuesday evening to be exact. So after a full day at work, a craft club meeting, making and eating my tea and a little bit of time watching TV I wandered into my bedroom to face the unpacking. It all went quite smoothly or so I thought.

    Wednesday morning up with my alarm and got ready for work... but I can't find my glasses. I was wearing them on Tuesday, and in the evening I must have had them on because I was watching TV. I practically ransacked the flat looking for them before running out of time and putting in contact lenses for the day.

    All day at work it bugged me that I couldn't fine them. No idea where they were, I'd tried all the usual places.

    Once I got home the search continued. After checking all the obvious locations and the not so obvious, plus all the places they could have fallen from the obvious places... I realised they might be somehow connected with my unpacking. So I retraced my unpacking steps (as best I could) and I found them.

    In my bra drawer.

    Under a bra that I'd taken with me to Bradford.

    They were neatly folded so hadn't fallen off my face, in fact the only thing I can think is that I somehow decided to actually put them there when I unpacked!

    I'm sure it must have made sense at the time.
    I had hoped I was too young for "senior moments"...

    On a good note during the course of my searching I found two gold plated needles I didn't know I'd lost!


    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. Christine Berrett

    LOL Andrea, I read the thread title as "the dangers of UNPICKING when you are tired"!

    On the positive side, finding anything you didn't know you had lost is always a good thing...

    Posted 13 years ago #

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